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The Business and Public Policy Center elevates business and policy relevant research and connects a wide range of people with the same goals.

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The mission of the BPPC is to foster understanding and collaboration between businesses and public policy makers through education and research. We aim to promote sustainable and inclusive growth through research and dialogue. Our focus is on creating a platform where business strategies and public policies can align for the greater good of society.

To achieve these goals, the BPPC:

  • Holds conferences and seminars.
  • Finds and promotes relevant policy research.
  • Supports research through survey and grant administration.

The Business and Public Policy Center is a nonpartisan, nonpolitical educational nonprofit that seeks to elevate members' business and policy-relevant research and does not promote any particular policy or program. Organized as a nonprofit in 2023, this organization has its roots in, and subsumes, several related efforts that began in 2015. The Business and Public Policy Center is governed by a set of trustees and a director and supported by its members and sponsors with the aim of highlighting policy-relevant research to help policymakers and businesses make informed decisions.

The Business and Public Policy Center provides members a platform to enhance and amplify their research. Members organize conferences and maintain a working paper series. The Business and Public Policy Center provides members with logistical assistance in the research process, including survey design and grant administration.

Membership is open to all researchers interested in a collaborative, inclusive, and supportive community to share ideas and produce research of the highest quality. To achieve a broader gamut of thought and research, we encourage diversity in membership across identities and domains such as careers (including researchers in government, corporate, academic, and independent professionals), fields of study (including accounting, economics, finance, and law), and countries. Innovation is sparked by diverse voices that combine to create new insights into difficult problems.

What We Do


We hold conferences to elevate research and policy. Our primary conference brings together experts, policymakers, and industry leaders from across the globe to discuss and explore the latest trends and developments in tax policy. It serves as a platform for knowledge sharing, networking, and collaboration in the field of business and public policy. We also hold conferences on specific topics to benefit from insights from a diverse group of individuals and engage in meaningful discussions.


We find and promote relevant policy research through our newsletter and the BPP working paper series. Our team of experts conducts extensive research to identify key policy issues and develop evidence-based solutions. Through our research, we aim to contribute to informed decision-making and shape effective public policies. We collaborate with academic institutions, think tanks, and industry experts to ensure the quality and relevance of our research findings. By highlighting the importance of research, we strive to bridge the gap between academia and policy-making, fostering a more evidence-driven approach to public policy.

Surveys and Grants

We partner with our members to assist in running surveys and grant administration, empowering them to translate their research into impactful realities. Our seasoned team, well-versed in both academic rigor, survery implementation, and grant landscapes, provides tailored support every step of the way. For more information about our survey or grant services email


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